Lets Get Adventurous!

Never be afraid to go on an adventure! Here are 4 of my favorite places to explore!

Bootleg Canyon, NV

Head out to this desert canyon about a 30 minute drive from Las Vegas. In Bootleg Canyon you will find some of the world’s best off road bike trails, hiking trails and zip lines. Book a tour with Flightlinez BC and set off on a hiking and Zip line adventure with views and thrills you’ll definitely remember. The tour includes hiking trails with breathtaking views of the Vegas valley in the distance and the canyon terrain. Four zip lines will have you zooming at speeds up to 60 mph and over a mile and a half of zip lines. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen, drink plenty of water and keep your eyes open.   http://www.flightlinezbootleg.com

about-0517-8Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Wild Trek Tours takes you on a single or double ATV from the romantic zone in downtown Puerto Vallarta up through the mountains surrounding the town. Climb the side of the mountain in your ATV and take in the incredible views, while winding your way through the jungle until you reach a camp site. Here you’ll enjoy an authentic Mexican carne asada lunch with tequila tasting. There’s also a small waterfall and cliff diving spot where your tour guides will you guide you as you take a leap off the edge into the majestic waterfall. Hop back on your ATV and go back down the mountain into town and see more sites before returning to the tour headquarters. Take time to enjoy something other than the beach in Mexico.  http://es.wildtreksadventures.com

about-0517-9Niagara Falls, NY & Canada

Take time to visit one of the wonders of the world, Niagara Falls. There are great things to do on both the US and Canadian sides of the falls. Start on the US side with a journey down into the falls at the Cave of the Winds. Put on your rain coat and slip on your water shoes as you’ll be walking right up to one of the falls and having the water pour down over your head for a big rush of adrenaline. On the Canadian side the new zip line attraction lets you wiz past the side of the falls and get intense views as you fly by. Height, speed, adventure and a World Wonder all in one. You can’t ask for more fun!   http://wildplay.com/niagarafalls/

image3Zipaquirá, Colombia

Zipaquirá is a small city about 30 miles from Bogota, Colombia. This city is well known for its Catedral de Sal (Salt Cathedral), an amazing engineering accomplishment 220 yards deep into the ground in an old salt mine. You don’t have to be catholic or religious to enjoy this adventure. Yes, it is a cathedral and probably not a place you think a gay travel guy would go. But it is truly life changing and spiritual place. The grandeur of the caves, hallowed out salt mines and artwork carved into the walls is breathtaking. I recommend planning a vacation to Bogota and making this one of your day trips. You can thank me later for this recommendation. And when you head back into the city after your tour, you can “Sin it up” at the popular Theatron disco, one of the world’s largest nightlife complexes.

(This column first appeared in GED Magazine: CLICK HERE for more #AbOUTtheGlobe in GED.)

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