Make A Dream Vacation a Reality!


The year is just getting started and there is a lot of time to explore and plan an amazing vacation. So many people want a dream vacation and get distraught when they find out their dream destination is extremely expensive. The price tag of some destinations put many people out of exploring them. This month I delve into helping you make a dream vacation become a reality.

First, select a type of vacation instead of a certain destination. Many people get stuck on a certain destination. They will search for airfare and hotels and then get discouraged by price. Instead, I recommend thinking about your dream destination and envision what type of vacation you want. Do you want to go to a beach, explore the mountains, or visit a major city? Is your destination national or international? Once you have type of destination figured out, then you can start to see what exact destinations fit your budget.

Say you want to go on a beach getaway… start your search by looking for beaches that are within driving distance to you. If the beach is too far, or you don’t want to drive, it’s time to start looking for airfare. One of the best resources on the Internet is, where you can search airfare by timeframe and by location. Think of locations that fit your vacation type. Input the destination in the site’s search, the region or country you want to visit, and then select a time frame (you can be as specific as date or week or month.) The website is easy to use and will help you get the most cost effective airline tickets.

Now that you have the airfare, it’s time to select a place to stay on your dream vacation. Traditional hotels can be expensive depending on the destination. So it’s a good idea to do a hotel search and see if they fit within your budget. Take a look to see if an all-inclusive resort is available. You can save a good amount by booking an all-inclusive and eating on property. Websites like and are great as well.

Quick Tips:

Street food – almost every destination has street food. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals and try some of the recommendations. Street food is usually cheap and tasty.

Day adventures – search your destination on and explore the day adventures available. Most destinations have many options at great prices.

Now that you have more tips to make your dream vacation a reality, enjoy it and make sure to tweet me some your vacation photos. If you have any questions I did not address above, let me know. I’m always here to help you travel #AbOUTtheGlobe! Tweet me at @GayTravelGuy

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