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#AbOUTtheGlobe launched in 2017 with this amazing #RoadTrip.

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J.Son & Rodrigo set out from Las Vegas on April 29, 2017 to take a fun 2 week road trip. Video, photos and reviews will be updated here during the trip. They will head to the following cities:

Phoenix, AZ April 29 – May 2

We left Las Vegas on the morning of April 29 and set out on an 11 day road trip  first up Phoenix, AZ. We checked in to our host hotel The Clarendon Resort & Spa and wow! The front desk staff was very friendly, knowledgeable of the local area and pointed us in the right direction for food and to start our visit. We quickly went upstairs to drop off our bags and the room was more than we could have hoped for. A large living room with complimentary snacks, water and coffee. The bedroom with king bed and soothing music playing welcomes us. The view of the pool and sexy guys was a nice bonus too. Haha.


The fun has just started! After checking in to our room we went out to grab some food and walk around downtown Phoenix. We had an amazing lunch at Steve’s Greenhouse Grill, just around the corner from the Diamondbacks & Suns stadiums. I had the taco salad, which was the first time I’ve ever had taco salad in my life. And I realized I’ve been missing out! Rodrigo had the chicken street tacos.  We both had happy tummies after lunch and took a stroll past Chase Park where the Diamondbacks where playing the Rockies. We stopped for a quick photo then strolled along for a few more blocks and stopped at St Mary’s Catholic Basilica. (You don’t have to be Catholic or religious to admire the beauty and respect this space.)


After exploring downtown it was time to head back to the hotel and rest before checking out the Phoenix Gay bar and nightclub scene. Here’s a few pics from our night out, but you’ll have to stay tuned for our road trip article in the June Issue of GED Magazine for all the details


Day 2 in Phoenix had us exploring the Desert Botanical Garden. At first I was thinking, how many cactus could there possibly be to see? But after exploring the gardens, I was really impressed and amazed. From the many different types of cactus I never knew about, to the amazing flowers of the desert. This garden was the perfect stop to explore and enjoy nature. TIP: visit the garden earlier in the morning to enjoy it more and not be out in the midday heat.


After the gardens we stopped by Honey Bears BBQ to try it out. We literally just drove passed it, saw it looked busy and stopped. And thank goodness we stopped, the food was perfection. We both got the 3 slider sampler, with BBQ chicken, pork and beef. All three sandwiches were mouth watering delicious. One of the best BBQs we’ve ever had!


We couldn’t eat too much because we still had a special chefs table dinner and wine tasting that night at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale. The intimate tasting and pairing was limited to 6 guests and we sat right in the kitchen with the chefs as they prepared the food for us and paired the wine and liquor options perfectly with the food pallet. It was out first time doing a chefs table style dinner and we highly recommend it if you get the opportunity. To sir in the kitchen and watch your food being prepared and having the chef pick out the perfect wine to compliment each course was simply devine. Just look at these photos and we know you’ll be heading to Scottsdale to enjoy this chefs table experience.


Day 3 in Phoenix had us up early at 4:00am to head out on a sunrise hot air balloon adventure. Now seeing how I have height issues and Rodrigo I later found out does too, this was sure to be an adventure. We arrived at Rainbow Ryders hot air ballon office to check in for our flight. We were joined by a total of 10 guests who would be going on the adventure with us. Our tour guide and pilot welcomed us and we boarded the van to head out to the launch location. When we arrived, several other balloons were also setting up and that was an amazon sight. It was now time for our launch, the balloon was laid out, attached to the basket and it was time to fill it with hot air. Our group hopped in to the basket and up up and away we went. Gliding over the tops of cactus and seeing desert wildlife running around was amazing. We ascended up to about 3,000 feet, the views were breathtaking. Then it was “time to climb” as our pilot said. Wait? We are going higher? Oh yeah. Up to 6,400 feet above the ground. That’s when both myself and Rodrigo just stood quietly and I realized he too wasn’t found of heights. After all is said and done, we survived, it was an amazing experience, totally worth it and event though we hate heights, we loved the hot air balloon experience. There’s something to be said about literally floating through the air and enjoying the view.


A very special THANK YOU to our new friends at Visit Phoenix with assistance in arranging our visit while there. We truly appreciate it and definitely recomend everyone to Visit Phoenix!

Stay tuned for more updates, photos and videos right here and on our Instagram links!

Tucson, AZ May 2 – May 4

Exploring Tucson was a blast, check out our video:

El Paso, TX May 4 – May 5

we made a quick unplanned stop in El Paso to check out the tacos and the boys. Both were spicy and tasty. Hehe!

White Sands, NM May 5

A photo is worth a thousand words. Well here’s a few thousand about White Sands…


Albuquerque, NM May 5 – May 8

From the local food, to nightlife, to the outdoors and more New Mexico was amazing. Watch our video here:

Return to Las Vegas, NV May 9!

We had an amazing road trip, saw so many things, did many great adventures and met many awesome people. Explore this website for more AbOUT The Globe adventures!


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